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Charloisse Handmade Market 10-04-2016

IMG_6593Today, Nijvervlijt participated in the Charloisse Handmade Market in Rotterdam, organised by Sylvana-Events. While the runners of the Rotterdam Marathon were running as if their lives depended on it, the sellers on the market were unanimous: One by one we all sold our handmade products. There were all kinds of products: From crocheted stuffed animals and hats, to sewn clothes and toys, homemade marmalade, mustard and tapenade, creations of glas and handmade jewelry; you name it! There was much to see, taste and feel. The organisation of the event was excellent and the atmosphere was very pleasant. It was heartening to notice that the visitors reacted positively on the Knitting- and Crochet Rolls: It was the first time that I interacted with the ‘public’ in this way. I had a really good time, and enjoyed it very much. Many visitors thought the Rolls were a “very good idea” and others were hit by nostalgia, because they made such a Roll in their schooldays, or their mother or grandmother made one for them. They liked the fabrics I used, and many participants took flyers and business cards with them. Probably, someone will contact me for a special Knitting Roll exclusively for circular needles. So, now it’s up to the Dutch Knitting and Crochet Days in Rijswijk, where my real target audience will be. Today was nice, but the public didn’t visit the market to buy something specific as what I sell. If that will be any different in Rijswijk, I’ll let you know!


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