About Nijvervlijt

Hi everyone! My name is Regina and this is my website Nijvervlijt. Welcome! I am very proud of my little shop. I design crochet- and knitting rolls to organise and protect your needles, and I make Sew It Yourself Kits, with my own patterns. Another passion I have is making children’s clothes, this started when I was pregnant of our daughter Emma.

I started cross stitching in 2010, and crocheting, sewing and knitting quickly followed in the next years. Crafts offer me some peace and quiet in a busy world. I like to share my passion with others, so I blog for quite some time now. In 2012 I made my first Knitting Roll, and today I sell my rolls in my Etsy shop and on this website. My first Knitting Roll was born out of necessity: I was desperately in need of something to organise my needles. Soon, many orders form my surroundings came and I decided: I want to do something with this hobby of mine. From this, Nijvervlijt was born in October 2015.

Originally, I do something else entirely: I have studied History, and currently I work at University as a study adviser. So I am used to work with my head all day, and I love working with my hands in my free time.


On this website I like to share what inspires me and show you my own crafts. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!